Sanctity of Life by Chuck Swindoll 1990

I was working in my office at Focus On The Family recently when the telephone rang. A minute or two later, my secretary came in to inform me that Dr. Chuck Swindoll was on the line. He had called to tell me about this book on abortion, and to describe his great burden to speak out boldly against the killing of unborn babies. He said the Lord had been speaking to him, and he intended to respond with intensity in his church, in the print media, and on the radio.

As my good friend described his intensified sense of mission, I was fighting back the tears. I knew, of course, that Chuck is highly respected and loved in the Christian community. Because he has now addressed the issues head-on, there will be precious babies brought into the world who would otherwise have been killed. Many little boys and girls, each worth more than the possessions of the entire world, will someday owe their very lives to the influence Dr. Swindoll will have on their mothers and their families.

Though it may be difficult for some pro-life veterans to comprehend, making a strong public statement against abortion was an evolving decision in Chuck’s mind. It is not a position at which he arrived with ease. He has not wanted to drag the church into the political arena, and I applaud that caution. There are great dangers in linking the cause of Christ to legislative issues, political parties or social movements of the day. Thus, many pastors have held back in the abortion issue. Their obligation, they felt, was to preach the Word, and from that Truth will come the moral application in society.

But on this issue of abortion, we are confronted with one of the most terrible evils of all times. The Nazis killed six million Jews and “undesirables” during World War II, but we in the United States — this great bastion of liberty and protection for the weak — have now slaughtered more than twenty million innocent babies! We have mercilessly torn them to pieces without anesthetic and poisoned them within their mothers’ wombs. God forgive us for this wickedness! We know from Scripture that the Lord is infinitely tender and compassionate toward the little children with whom He has blessed us. What must He be feeling now, as we spill their blood for our own convenience and economy? How can we as Christians continue to sit in our services and ignore this unprecedented crime against humanity? As Dr. Swindoll writes in this book, “Remaining silent …. is no longer an option.”

To pastors and laymen alike who have not yet joined the pro-life crusade, I urge you to read carefully the words that follow. Let the Lord speak to you as you ask, with Chuck, “What would He have me do to protect the unborn child?” If you save only one little boy or girl in a lifetime, your effort will not have been in vain.

Thank you, my friend Chuck, for listening to the Holy Spirit and for responding to His urging. We are glad you are numbered among the rag-tag, wounded, outmanned and outgunned little army of pro-life warriors. We’ve lost about 80 consecutive battles now, but we fully intend to win the last one!

James C. Dobson, Ph.D.
Focus On The Family

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