Scene 2: Answer the one question that matters most

‘You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.’ Steve Jobs

The rumours are true

  • Yes, it’s true. We are going to begin the transition from powerpc to intel processors. Now, why are we going to do this? Didn’t we just get through going from os9 to osx? Isn’t the business great right now? Because we want to make the best computers for our customers looking forward. Now, I stood up here two years ago and promised you this (slide shows desktop computer with 3 GHz), and we haven’t been able to deliver it to you. I think a lot of you would like … , and we haven’t been able to deliver it.  .. we don’t know how to build them with the future powerpc road map. That’s why we’re going to do this.

Why should I care?

Channel your best Steve Jobs impression

  • speak in plain English, use tangible example to make the product relevant, and answer the only question that really matters to the customer: why should I care about the processor?

Avoid self-indulgent, buzzword-filled wastes of time

  • don’t sell products; sell the dream of a better future – vision of a better experience
  • explain why before the how

Director’s notes:

  • Ask yourself, ‘Why should my listener care about this idea/information/product/service?’ If there is only one thing that you want your listener to take away from the conversation, what would it be? Focus on selling the benefit behind the product.
  • Make the one thing as clear as possible, repeating it at least twice in the conversation or presentation. Eliminate buzzwords and jargon to enhance the clarity of your message.
  • Make sure the one thing is consistent across all of your marketing collateral, including press releases, website pages, and presentations.

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