Scene 4: Create twitter-like headlines

‘Today Apple reinvents the phone!’ Steve Jobs

  • MacBook Air. The world’s thinnest notebook.

140 characters or less – setting the stage for the marketing blitz

  • Jobs has a one-line description for nearly every product, and it is carefully created in the planning stage well before the presentation, press releases, and marketing material are finished.
  • Most important, the headline is consistent.

Today Apple reinvents the phone

  • Jobs typical method for introducing a product: he reveals the headline, expands on it, and hammers it home again and again.

The excitement of the internet, the simplicity of macintosh

  • The headlines Steve Jobs creates work effectively because they are written from the perspective of the user. They answer the question, why should I care?

One thousand songs in your pocket

  • Three criteria:
    • Concise (27 characters)
    • Specific (one thousand songs)
    • Offers a personal benefit (you can carry the songs in your pocket)

Keynote beats Powerpoint in the battle of the headlines

  • The application to use when your presentation really counts
  • Catchy, descriptive headlines

Director’s notes:

  • Create your headline, a one-sentence vision statement for your company, product or service. The most effective headlines are concise (140 characters maximum), are specific, and offer a personal benefit.
  • Consistently repeat the headline in your conversations and marketing material: presentations, slides, brochures, collateral, press releases, website.
  • Remember, your headline is a statement that offers your audience a vision of a b etter future. It’s not about you. It’s about them.

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