Scene 5: Draw a road map

‘Today we are introducing three revolutionary products.’ Steve Jobs

  • Road maps outlined in groups of three
    • Presentation in three acts
    • Product in three features
    • Demo in three parts
    • Video guideposts serve as road maps, helping listeners follow the story

Why Goldilocks didn’t encounter four bears – how the rule of three can improve your golf game

  • Revealing the narrative in groups of three provides direction for the audience.
  • It shows people where you’ve been and where you’re going
  • The first transition was a ‘good move’; the second was ‘even bigger’; by extension, the third must be bigger still.

Apple’s three-legged stool – the USA today method:

  • Intel’s centrino 2 chip:
    • Battery life
    • Graphics
    • Wireless internet

Windows 7 – 3 highlights:

  • Getting around
  • Security
  • compatibility

Jobs and Ballmer share a love of threes

The road map as an agenda

Applying the rule of three

Director’s notes:

  • Create a list of all the key points you want your audience to know about your product, service, company, or initiative.
  • Categorize the list until you are left with only three major message points. This group of three will provide the verbal road map for your pitch or presentation.
  • Under each of your three key messages, add rhetorical devices to enhance the narrative. These could include some or all of the following: personal stories, facts, examples, analogies, metaphors, and third-party endorsements.

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