Scene 11: Share the stage

‘Don’t be encumbered by history. Go out and create something wonderful.’ Robert Noyce, INTEL cofounder

  • A Jobs presentation is rarely a one-man play. He features supporting characters who perform key roles in the narrative.
  • If we want to move forward and see Apple happy and prospering, we have to let go of this notion that for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose.
  • If we screw up, it’s not somebody else’s fault; it’s our fault.

The brain craves variety

  • Jobs keeps his presentation interesting by incorporating demonstrations, video clips, and – very important – guest speakers.

Know what you don’t know

  • Jobs shares the spotlight with other actors, who add credibility and excitement to the plot.

Your best sales tool

  • Gianopulos, CEO of Twentieth Century Fox, had provided Jobs with a company’s best sales tool – a customer’s endorsement. Best of all, the two men appeared side by side. A reference is good. A customer or partner physically sharing the stage is even better.

Number one reason people buy

  • Having experts, customers, or partners testify to the effectiveness of your product will help you overcome the psychological barrier to participation.

Give credit where credit’s due

  • It shows the customers that you are a person of integrity, and by praising your employees or colleagues publicly, you inspire them to work harder for you.
  • Build a rapport with the audience by acknowledging the people who matter – the people who build the products and the people who buy them.

Jobs even shares the stage … with himself!

  • I invited Noah here to see how I really act and because he’s a better me than me!

Director’s notes:

  • Upon release of a new product or service, make sure you have customers who tested the product and are available to back your claims. Media reviews are also helpful, especially from highly reputable publications or popular blogs.
  • Incorporate testimonials into your presentation. The easiest way is to videotape your customer talking about your product, edit the tape to no more than two minutes in length, and insert it into your presentation.
  • Publicly thank employees, partners, and customers. And do it often.

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