Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen

abashment. embarrassment, lack of self-confidence
abatement. reduction, diminution
abstruse. hard to understand
accidental. non-essential, incidental
acted. activated
adamant. a diamond or any very hard substance
adjunct. dependent statement that amplifies meaning
affection. effect
alacrity. eagerness, liveliness, speed
allay. relieve
alloy. mixture
amendment. moral improvement, reformation
anon. (1) again; i.e., reoccurring; (2) presently, soon
appellation. name, designation
apprehension. perception, conception
artifices. trickeries
aslake. slacken, diminish
asp. cobra
attendancy. that which accompanies
aught. anything; i.e., anything worthwhile
avouching. affirming, confessing
aversation. a moral turning away, estrangement, repulsion
balsam. fragrant ointment used as balm or medication
barbarous. uncivilized
bellows. blacksmith’s device for blowing air into fire
beseem. suit, become, fit
betimes. in due time
bosses. the projecting parts of a small, handheld shield; i.e., a strong, imposing defense
bottom. found, base (find a basis for); basis, foundation
breach. gap, broken area
buckler. a small, handheld shield
buffett. strike repeatedly
by-respect. private advantage
cankering. festering, corroding, infecting
casuist. one who rigidly applies ethical rules
censorious. critical
churl. coarse, ill-natured man
circumspect. watchful, attentive, cautious
circumstantiate. verified by circumstances
close. consummate, bring to a conclusion
color. embellishment concealing the truth
combustion. consuming as by fire; tumult
comeliness. attractiveness
commination. formal denunciation
commission. authority
commissionate. commissioned, appointed
commutation. substitution, exchange
compassing. attaining, achieving
compellation. address, naming
composition. truce, cessation of hostilities
concomitant. that which accompanies
concreate. create at the same time
concourse. (1) running together, flowing together, meeting; (2) state of being gathered
consumptive. afflicted with consumption, a progressive wasting away of the body
contemn. have contempt for, scorn, disdain
contentation. satisfaction, reassurance
contexture. context
contrariety. state of being contrary or in opposition to
controverted. made an object of dispute
conversation. way of life
countenance. approve, condone; approval
countermine. counterplot
covert. shelter
cross. contradictory
cruciate. torment, torture
daub. cover, as with plaster
declension. moral decline
dehort. exhort, in an effort to dissuade
defensative. that which defends or protects
deign. condescend
denominate. designate
deportment. behavior
despoil. rob, plunder
desert. that which is deserved (such as punishment)
determinate. resolved, settled
disappointment. undoing of an intended end or use
discover. uncover, reveal, demonstrate
disframe. dismantle, undo
dispensation. provision, ordering
disquisition. formal inquiry, investigation
dissimulation. making unlike; process of becoming unlike
dropsy. excessive accumulation of fluid in bodily tissue; edema
durst. dared
educe. derive, draw out
efficient cause. Aristotle’s term for the means or agency by which something comes
into being
emulations. jealousies, especially of power and position
endued. endowed
enervate. debilitate, deprive of strength
ensue. follow
envenomed. poisonous
ere. before
espousal. betrothal
evanid. evanescent, liable to vanish
event. result, outcome
evince. prove, provide evidence, make manifest
excision. surgical removal by cutting
execrable. extremely inferior or detestable
expostulate. discuss earnestly
extenuate. make less serious
facile. mild-mannered
facility. aptitude, ease
fain. eagerly, gladly
fallow. plowed but unseeded
fatness. richness, fertility
feign. pretend, imagine, as in fictional writing
filial. pertaining to a son or daughter
flag. decline in vigor or strength
fomes. diseased material
foment. incite, agitate
froward. stubbornly contrary, obstinate
furniture. equipment, weapons
gadding. straggling, roving
gin. trap
good-man. male head of household
haply. by chance
head. (1) ultimate outcome; (2) category, heading; (3) source
hectical. fluctuating but persistent
humor. bodily fluid, thought to be the physical root of the passions
husbandman. farmer
immure. confine within walls
impetuous. (1) vehement; (2) impulsive
import. signify
importunate. persistent, pressing
improvement. (1) exposition, application; (2) enhancement
inadvertency. negligence
incumbent. obligatory
indisposition. disinclination, unwillingness
infirm. feeble
ingenerate. beget, produce
inquest. inquiry, investigation
insensible. (1) apathetic, callous, uncomprehending; (2) imperceptible
insition. engraftment
instant. insistent, constant, faithful
intemperance. lack of moderation; indulgence, especially of intoxicating drink
intendment. intention
intension. intention
interest. share or stake
interposition. interjection, intervention
inveigh. denounce, censure
inveterate. hardened, habitual, deep-rooted
issue. result, outcome
languid. lacking power
lasciviousness. wantonness, inclination to lust
lassitude. listlessness, lethargy
leave. cease
lee. shelter, protection
loathness. unwillingness, reluctance
loose. lack of restraint
machinations. plottings, schemings, cunning designs
magistracy. human government
malefactor. criminal
manuring. fertilizer
mean. lowly, insignificant
meet. fitting, appropriate
metonymy. a figure of speech in which one term is substituted for another term closely
associated with it
morose. sullenly melancholy, gloomy
nescience. lack of knowledge
nigh. near
noisome. dangerous, offensive, foul
notional. theoretical, conceptual
noxious. injurious, harmful, unwholesome
obdurate. hardened, unyielding, obstinate
obnoxious. harmfully exposed
obviate. render unnecessary; anticipate, prevent
overawe. restrain or subdue by awe
own. admit, acknowledge, confess to be true
palliate. moderate the seriousness or intensity of
papist. negative label for Roman Catholics, relating to belief in papal supremacy; from
the Latin papa (“pope”)
parley. discuss (especially with an enemy)
party. participant
paucity. smallness of number
peccant. offending, faulty
peculiar. particular, characteristic
peevish. irritable, discontent
perdition. ruin, damnation, destruction
perfunctorily. routinely, indifferently
pernicious. deadly
pertinacious. obstinate, stubborn
perturbation. disturbance, agitation
pervious. permeable, penetrable
physic. remedy, relief, medicine
pine away. wither or waste away
plaster. medicated bandage
popish. negative label for Roman Catholicism, relating to belief in papal supremacy
preventing grace. a special grace that, preceding human willing, protects against further
procure. gain, obtain
prodigality. reckless extravagance, especially with money
professor. one who makes a religious confession; a professing Christian
prosecution. carrying out, execution
quit. (1) conduct; (2) freed or released
raiment. garments, clothing
rankling. festering, irritating
rapine. pillage, robbery, plunder
ravening. seeking prey, devouring
remembrancer. reminder
renitency. resistance, reluctance
rent. ripped, torn
repining. discontentment, grumbling
repose. (1) rest; (2) place, entrust
requite. repay
respite. relief
retention. contention, concern
retirements. privacy, seclusion, leisure
rifled. disordered, ruffled
right. seek to correct or amend
Roman. Roman Catholic
romish. of or relating to the Roman Catholic Church
sedulous. constant, persistent
self-justiciary. one who believes he can attain righteousness by his own action or
self-maceration. self-inflicted starvation, emaciation
sensual. perceived by the senses (not necessarily sexual)
shed. diffuse, spread abroad
shut up. summarize, sum up
signal. significant, remarkable, out of the ordinary
sottish. foolish, especially as it relates to drunkenness
stay. stop
strait. short
straits. difficulties, distresses
station. position
succor. assistance, relief
suffer. allow, permit, tolerate
sullied. (1) polluted, soiled; (2) tainted, marred, defiled
sundry. various
supererogation. according to the Roman Catholic doctrine, a superabundance of
merit deposited in a spiritual treasury of the Church that can be used by ordinary
sinners for the remittance of their sins
swing. liberty, sway
synecdoche. a figure of speech in which the part stands for the whole or the whole
stands for the part
tackling. a ship’s rigging; tackle
temper. character, disposition
tender. offer
tergiversation. equivocation, falsification by vague or ambiguous language
tittle. a kind of accent in the Hebrew alphabet
trade. course, path, way or manner of life
tow. coarse flax
tumultuate. agitate, disturb, stir up
usurp. seize, take control with power and force
variance. dissent, discord
velleity. inclination, desire
vexation. annoyance
vitiate. invalidate, render incomplete, impair
want. lack
wanton. lacking discipline
wax. grow, become
winnow. separate as chaff from wheat
withe. shackle made of green twigs (see Judg. 16:7, KJV)
without. outside of
wont. wonted. accustom; accustomed
wroth. filled with wrath
wrought. shaped, molded, fashioned