Chapter 8: Occasional Addresses

Method for Prayer by Matthew Henry

Introduction to Occasional Addresses

Morning Prayers

Method for Prayer by Matthew Henry

Before Eating

After Eating

5   For Travelling

Evening Before the Lord’s Day

Morning of the Lord’s Day

Public Worship on the Lord’s Day

10 For the Lord’s Supper

13 For the Baptism of a Child

14 For a Funeral

15 For a Wedding

16 For a Minister’s Ordination

17 For Rain, Disease, and Disaster

22.1 For those Weighed Down and Burdened
22.2 For those under Conviction of Sin
22.3 For those who are Sick and Weak
For those who are at the Point of Death
22.4 For those who have Lost their Reason and for Sick Children
22.6 For those Being Touched by Death
22.7 For Women Near the Time of Child Birth
22.8 For those who have Recovered from Sickness or have been Spared in Child-Bearing
22.9 For Parents Concerned about their Difficult Children
22.10 For those who are in Prison
22.11 For those Condemned to Die
22.12 For those who are at Sea