2.7.1 Acknowledge the Great Evil of Sin, its Sinfulness

Method for Prayer by Matthew Henry

Acknowledge the Great Evil of Sin, its Sinfulness and Foolishness


We must acknowledge the great evil that there is in sin, and in our sin; the malignity of its nature, and its mischievousness to us.


The sinfulness of sin.

O that sin might be shown to be sin to us and appear in its own colors; and through the commandment may we see it to be sinful beyond measure, Romans 7:13(ESV) because it is lawlessness. 1 John 3:4(ESV)

By every willful sin we have in effect said, “We do not want this man to reign over us.” Luke 19:14(ESV) And, “Who is the LORD, that we should obey his voice?” Exodus 5:2(ESV) And thus have we reviled the LORD, Numbers 15:30(ESV) and cast his law behind our back. Nehemiah 9:26(ESV)


The foolishness of sin.

O God, you know our folly; the wrongs that we have done are not hidden from you. Psalm 69:5(ESV) We were foolish in being disobedient, Titus 3:3(ESV) and our desires are senseless and harmful. 1 Timothy 6:9(ESV)

Folly was bound up in our hearts when we were children; Proverbs 22:15(ESV) for though vain man would be wise, he is born like the wild donkey’s colt. Job 11:12(KJV)

Our path has been one of foolish confidence, Psalm 49:13(ESV) and in many instances we have done very foolishly. 2 Samuel 24:10(ESV)

We have been brutish and ignorant, and even like beasts toward God. Psalm 73:22(ESV)