2.8.5 Consider your Evil Sins in Light of the Corrections

Method for Prayer by Matthew Henry

Consider your Evil Sins in Light of the Corrections you have Received and the Vows you have Made


The greater afflictions we have been under for sin, the greater is the sin if we go on in it.

You have struck us down, but we have felt no anguish; we have refused to take correction and have made our faces harder than rock, Jeremiah 5:3(ESV) and the rod has not driven the folly out of our hearts. Proverbs 22:15(ESV)

You have disciplined us with the rod of men and with the stripes of the sons of men, 2 Samuel 7:14(ESV) yet we have not turned to him who struck us, nor have we inquired of the LORD of hosts. Isaiah 9:13(ESV)

When some have been overthrown as Sodom and Gomorrah were, we have been as brands plucked out of the burning; yet we have not returned to you, O LORD. Amos 4:11(ESV) And when your hand has been lifted up, we have not seen it. Isaiah 26:11(ESV)


The more vows and promises we have made of better obedience, the greater has been our sin.

We have not kept the terms of the covenant that we have made before you; Jeremiah 34:18(ESV) but as traitors, we have betrayed. Isaiah 24:16(ESV)

Did we not say, “We would not transgress, Jeremiah 2:20(KJV) we would not offend anymore?” Job 34:31(ESV) We did, and yet we have returned with the dog to its own vomit; 2 Peter 2:22(ESV) we have returned to folly after God has spoken peace. Psalm 85:8(ESV)



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