The Second Article of Redemption

The Second Article of Redemption: “And in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord,” etc.

A Simple Way to Pray By Martin Luther

Again a great light shines forth and teaches us how Christ, God’s Son, has redeemed us from death which, after the creation, had become our lot through Adam’s fall and in which we would have perished eternally. Now think: just as in the first article you were to consider yourself one of God’s creatures and not doubt it, now you must think of yourself as one of the redeemed and never doubt that. Emphasize one word above all others, for instance, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Likewise, suffered for us, died for us, arose for us. All this is ours and pertains to us; that us includes yourself, as the word of God declares.

Second, you must be sincerely grateful for such grace and rejoice in your salvation.

Third, you must sorrowfully lament and confess your wicked unbelief and mistrust of such a gift. Oh, what thoughts will come to mind-the idolatry you have practiced repeatedly, how much you have made of praying to the saints and of innumerable good works of yours which have opposed such salvation.

Fourth, pray now that God will preserve you from this time forward to the end in true and pure faith in Christ our Lord.

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