The Doctor Himself and the Human Condition (Martin Lloyd-Jones)

By Martin Lloyd-Jones

The chapters included in this book are a representative selection of the various papers and addresses given over many years to medical practitioners and students by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Some of them are published here for the first time.

Although they were originally addressed to a medical audience, the subjects dealt with here are not strictly medical in a clinical sense, but rather represent the author’s thinking on the way in which Biblical Christianity should be applied to questions of personal conduct and morality as well as to professional conduct and ethics.

The appeal of this book is therefore not only to doctors and students and others working within the medical profession, but also to all Christians who are seeking to apply Biblical teaching to the problems of modern living. Although some of the addresses were given nearly thirty years ago, the principles which the author lays down are equally applicable today, and his analysis of the issues discussed pays tribute to his acute and discriminating mind.

CHAPTER 1 – The Doctor Himself
CHAPTER 2 – On Treating the Whole Man
CHAPTER 3 – Will Hospital Replace the Church?
CHAPTER 4 – The Doctor as Counsellor
CHAPTER 5 – The Christian and the State
CHAPTER 6 – The Making or Breaking of a Medical Registrar
CHAPTER 7 – The Supernatural in Medicine
CHAPTER 8 – Fullest Care

Source: The Doctor Himself and Human Condition