Think Biblically (John MacArthur ed.) TOC

By John MacArthur and The Master’s College

Index of The Master’s College Contributors 9

Preface 11
Introduction 13

The Biblical Foundation
Embracing the Authority and Sufficiency of Scripture by John MacArthur 21
Cultivating a Biblical Mind-set by Richard L. Mayhue 37
Comprehending Creation by John MacArthur 55
Coming to Grips with Sin by John MacArthur 85
Having an Eternally Right Relationship with God by John MacArthur 101
Viewing the Nations from God’s Perspective by Mark A. Tatlock 115

The Biblical Formulation
Understanding Our Postmodern World by Brian K. Morley 135
Profiling Christian Masculinity by Stuart W. Scott 155
Portraying Christian Femininity by Patricia A. Ennis 169
Enjoying Spiritual Worship and Music by Paul T. Plew 187
Why Biblical Counseling and Not Psychology? by John D. Street 203
Why a Scriptural View of Science? by Taylor B. Jones 221
Why Christian Education and Not Secular Indoctrination? by John A. Hughes 239
Reflecting Honestly on History by Clyde P. Greer, Jr. 259
Developing a Biblical View of Church and State by John P. Stead 281
Proposing a Biblical Approach to Economics by R. W. Mackey, II 297
Glorifying God in Literary and Artistic Culture by Grant Horner 315

Notes 335
Index of Scriptures 354
Index of Persons 363